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The DEPICT Project



The DEPICT Project is a multi-disciplinary project funded by DEIS. It concerns the user-centric design of novel man-machine interaction paradigms for enhancing health, independence, and well-being.


Functional subcomponents

  • Diffused, sustainable, and connected sensing (BAN of physiological sensors, environmental sensors, etc)
  • Context-aware, adaptive, and mimetic sensor fusion strategies
  • Integrated hard and soft reasoning technologies for estimation, prediction, control, and self-learning
  • Minimally-obtrusive, versatile (indoor / outdoor) cognitive and companion robots


Expected outcomes

Prototypes and demonstrators for:

  • Seamless integration between smart environments, robots, and smart wearable devices for sensing and actuating
  • Resource-aware, context-aware cooperation among single devices
  • Distributed cooperative intelligence & adjustment to context